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Thelansis is a growing global life science market research report company providing support to Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. Our sales office is based out of Hartford, Connecticut, USA, and delivery offices in India Bangalore, and Gurugram. Diversified team and people are our greatest assets with deep domain and business knowledge, joined us from different national and international universities.

We provide consulting-grade market research reports and business solutions using our worldwide delivery model for a wide range of clients that include multinational biopharma innovator companies, mid-cap, and small-cap. We have deep expertise in Competitive Intelligence; Primary Market Research (PMR), Secondary Research, Forecasting, Data Analytics, leveraging technology as an enabler across these functional areas. KOL Panel management which includes major 6 different types of stakeholders associated with COEs, Tertiary and Primary care hospital settings, physicians, Hospital Staffs -Nurses, Purchasing Staffs, and Channel Partners.

Thelansismarket research reports enable clients with comprehensive insights gathered from in-depth Primary Market Research, where a dynamic forecasting model enables to understand the different market scenarios. Our collaborative effort on designing customized training programs enables employees extremely client-centric culture. We engage people with the compassion and humility to make the work environment superexcited.


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Thelansis combines global expertise & insights with a rich mix of scientific & business development perspectives.

Primary Market Research (PMR)

In-house programmed web-based survey tool helps our client in gathering real-time data, market trends, and critical strategic insights. Being an in-house survey tool, Thelansis provides flexibility to interact with interviewers at any time.

KOL Insights

Global KOL Panel Management System; comprises directories of Trial Investigators, Researcher, Healthcare Practitioner (HCPs), Payers, Regulatory bodies, and Speakers provides real-time commercial and scientific insights to our clients.

Market Forecasting

User-friendly Forecasts models and tools are built based on statistical market trends, and also evaluates the macro and micro-economic indicators that have a possible impact on the current and future market.

24×7 Online Support

Integration of Thelansis Global support team across 3 different continents offers online support round the clock for all of the locations, no matter in which region or country you are.

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We offer insights on factors such as strategies, future estimations, growth or fall forecasting, opportunity analysis, and business intelligence support.

Market Access and Payers Insight

Market Access and Payers Insight Outline the country and region-specific Market Access scenario and reimbursement structure, and fund flow. The U.S. healthcare market is highly fragmented. Healthcare coverage is administered by a mix of employer-sponsored insurance benefits, individual insurance plans, and taxpayer-funded government insurance programs. With respect to the current scenario, the payers and reimbursement agencies are more concerned about strong clinical outcomes data which have great evidence on managing the symptomatic conditions, adequate safety, and efficacy, and essentially includes quality of life.
– Market Access and the Structure of Health Care System
– Payers role in Market Access study
– HTA Decision Analysis Framework study
– Bench-marking based historical events
– Policies Targeted at value chain implementing level
– Pricing and Reimbursement Insights
– Budget Impact Analysis study
– Cost-effectiveness modeling

Market Insight

Market Insight Report covers a detailed view of disease area events, severity, identified and emerging biomarkers, Clinical Manifestations, progression, signs & symptoms, risk factors, pathogenesis, genetic basis and treatment guidelines, competitive landscape and Drug utilization and analysis, KOL perspective on upcoming therapies, estimated TPP for pipeline assets, with respect to different lines of therapy. A comprehensive record of patient-based market forecast model which enables stakeholders in understanding the current epidemiology scenario, potential patient pool, Market Analog, Product attribute, market uptake, patient share uptake, the annual cost of therapy, current drug utilization, prescription share, current clinical practice, and future treatment paradigm.
– Executive Summary
– Disease overview
– Epidemiology Research
– Market Outlook and Forecast
– KOL Insights
– Regulatory Frame-work
– Access & Reimbursement Overview
– Unmet Need Analysis

KOL Insights and Unmet Need Analysis Report

Key opinion leaders (KOLs) insights and Unmet need analysis report is one of our specialized offerings; Stakeholders such as Clinical Practitioners, Researcher, Industry experts, regulatory bodies, and essentially the regional & national payers are being engaged to provide their insights on current disease burden, drug utilization, key unmet need, Relative importance of safety and efficacy indicators. Thelansis’s panel management system integrates key stakeholders into the virtual platform to provide real-world cross-functional industry insights to the specific business questions.
– Treatment landscape gap analysis
– Current drug utilizations
– Unmet needs
– Future treatment paradigm
– Relative importance of safety and efficacy indicators

Pipeline & Marketed Product Insight Report

Pipeline & Marketed Product Insight Report provides a comprehensive landscape on country-specific approved therapies and pipeline assets targeting the specific target patient pool. Information is being pulled from the different clinical trial registries, regulatory bodies, company websites, investor presentations and structured in a report based on their level of relevance.
– Provides trend analysis on clinical & commercial landscape
– Identify potential blockbusters based on Thelansis’ Proprietary ‘Winners Matrix’
– Probability of Success
– Target patient Pool
– Additional deal Insights

Company profiling

Pharmaceutical Company profiling is a process that provides a blueprint on the organizational structure, innovations, technology, process, people, Innovation ratio, performance index, product portfolio, and essentially the company value propositions.
– Executive Summary
– Performance Matrix
– Revenue Analysis
– Portfolio Analysis
– Deals and agreement Analysis
– Performance Index Analysis
– SWOT Analysis
– Additional Insights

Treatment Insight

Treatment Insight Report covers detailed analysis on disease segmentations, epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, and management. Further analysis on the current standard of care, treatment algorithm, and drug utilization based on disease severity and lines of therapy, Essentially covers the patient journey starts with the symptomatic detection, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, compliance, and disease remission.
– Disease burden/ epidemiology study
– Diagnosis and detection
– Key targets/ drivers
– Treatment algorithm
– Patient segmentation based on grade, stage, diagnosis, and treatment types (Lines of therapy)

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