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PMR being the Key approach for data collection and validation in all Thelansis reports

8MM KOL Insights are coupled with all Thelansis Market Research Reports

10 Years sales and patient-based Dynamic Forecasting Model on Excel


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Competitive Intelligence (CI) Services, Pharma Market Research Reports

Thelansis’s competitive intelligence service allows our clients to monitor competitor’s activity around targeted indications during a different phase of development (Early Phase, Phase I, II, and III) and post-approval phase. Our services include clinical trial analytics, Pipeline assessment, enrollment projections, trialsite prioritization, investigator profiling, and trial completion data projection, launch data estimation, and essentially the key product positioning.

Thelansis is the brain-child of specialized experts with multiple years of experience in healthcare management consulting and our core team is comprised of esteemed professionals, including reputed physicians, business analysts, and bio-technologists.

Our team strives to provide organizations with exceptional market research that will inform strategic business decisions. We are guided by a strong set of values, including a commitment to professional diversity.

We partner with organizations to help support their vision, and maintain a reputation as a Valued Knowledge Partner.


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Thelansis combines global expertise & insights with a rich mix of scientific & business development perspective.

Primary Market Research (PMR)

In-house programmed web-based survey tool helps our client in gathering real-time data, market trends, and critical strategic insights. Being an in-house survey tool, Thelansis provides flexibility to interact with interviewers at any time.

KOL Insights

Global KOL Panel Management System; comprises directories of Trial Investigators, Researcher, Healthcare Practitioner (HCPs), Payers, Regulatory bodies, and Speakers provides real-time commercial and scientific insights to our clients.

Market Forecasting

User-friendly Forecasts models and tools are built based on statistical market trends, and also evaluates the macro and micro-economic indicators that have a possible impact on the current and future market.

24×7 Online Support

Integration of Thelansis Global support team across 3 different continents offer online support round the clock for all of the locations, no matter in which region or country you are.

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We offer insights on factors such as strategies, future estimations, growth or fall forecasting, opportunity analysis and business intelligence support.

Market Insight Reports

  • Provides an extended forecast for therapeutic markets.
  • Provides a comprehensive overview of competitive intelligence and stakeholder assessments.

Pipeline Insight Reports

  • Provides a detailed assessment of company infrastructure.
  • Provides trend analysis on clinical & commercial landscape.
  • Identify potential blockbusters based on Thelansis’ Proprietary ‘Winners Matrix’

Market Access Reports

  • Market access based on global and local insight.
  • In-depth assessment of reimbursement frameworks and stakeholder assessments.
  • Provides regulatory guideline overview.
  • Provides cross-talk details among patients, payers, and physicians.

Product Insight Reports

  • Provides key details of a specific product of interest
  • Detailed analysis of LoE impacts
  • Know specifics of LCM strategies and associated sales potential

Need Custom Reports?

Thelansis also caters to your specific needs by providing customized reports that satisfy your organizational requirements. Get on-demand customization of scope of the report to exactly meet your needs.


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